Why is Cloud Voice growing so rapidly?

Are you frustrated with your current voice system(s)?

  • Does your contract with your carrier expire soon?
  • Does your business operate multiple sites with different phone numbers?
  • Are you having call flow issues?
  • Are you paying hundreds to thousands of dollars in monthly local and long-distance charges?
  • Are you looking for more productive email and voicemail capabilities?
  • Are you having network problems, or do you need to upgrade your network?
  • Do you want one main phone number that encompasses all of your locations?
  • Is your IT team spending too much time and effort managing your phone system?
  • Are your phone system’s mobility limitations making it difficult for employees to work remotely?



Polycom VVX600

Polycom VVX600

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Consider a Transformation

In the past, integrating a communications system for your business that kept you connected meant a huge investment in hardware, constant maintenance and management, and dedicated staff to keep it up and running.

Well, that was the past. Today, there’s VDN. We eliminate the need for an bulky traditional phone closets – very little hardware is required, and what little there is we configure to serve your needs and service it remotely. Already, we’ve sliced into that initial hardware investment, and cut out the need for on-site maintenance and support personnel; we are your support personnel. Because of these reduced or eliminated costs, our cloud voice solutions have shown to not only cut up-front investment, but also to cut expenses over time, while providing the same – or even better – services as a traditional solution.


Voice as a Service

The communications industry is undergoing an unprecedented phase of technological innovations. Cloud communications products and services continue to flip the industry on its head, putting you in control. These solutions enable your company to leverage the latest features and capabilities, which are extremely easy to use and very cost effective. Experience explosive growth through a proven business model and cloud service platform that allows companies like yours to utilize high-value software and services like Hosted PBX and VoIP, SIP Trunking, Unified Communications, and much more.

VDN Guarantee

VDN Guarantee’s that your hosted service will operate your business in the manner that our mutual scope of work promises. We agree on what that is – And VDN Delivers. VDN’s solution offers three levels of Service & Guarantee’s:

Scalable solutions

You get solutions tailored specifically for your business, and can scale up seamlessly as your business grows. Our service scales to accommodate a company of one person or 10,000. There are no transitions, no upgrades, no new services to add to your bill, no major new equipment to be bought. Just let us know you need to add a line, or 100 lines. No problem.

VDN VaaS Configuration Flexibility

Our reliable, feature-rich hosted phone services adjust as you need them to. We make it easy for our customers to deploy the communication apps and solutions that your business needs, creating an in-office experience right at your fingertips, wherever you are on whichever device you choose. Commonly used features include: full call center capabilities, listen live, find me follow me and more.

Big Technology and Customer Service

While our Platform is currently serving over 200,000 endpoints, with VDN VaaS you won’t get caught up in a “Customer Service Queue”.

VDN Mobile

Better still, our cloud service accommodates a mobile workforce better than traditional services. What happens if one of your employees is traveling, or out of the office, and needs to handle an urgent call or problem?

With our cloud-based solution, employees can quickly and efficiently access your secure network from wherever you want them to, and we’ll show you how…

This is your chance to stop worrying about how to implement and maintain your voice communications systems. Because we chose you, you can just contact VDN today, tell us what you need, and we’ll work with you to make it happen, custom to your needs. Simple. Efficient. Done.