Whether you’re working with the latest technology on the market, or legacy equipment from decades ago, sometimes you need replacement parts or pieces to keep things running smoothly.

Unfortunately, that process can be incredibly complicated. Phone systems from different eras have different requirements, and then they get updated over time. It can be hard to even diagnose the problem properly, much less identify the right piece of equipment.

That’s where we come in. Call, live chat or email one of our experts today, and we’ll help you determine what is needed, and figure out what is compatible with the wide range of Avaya and Cisco solutions. We have 25 years of experience with this, so we get it right the first time, so you can install and stop worrying about it.

What We Sell

VDN sells new and used parts and pieces, and we stand behind our products regardless of their age.

When you order your own equipment, it takes lots of time and effort, and it’s often confusing. We make it simple and right for you. Working with VDN means getting the exact parts and pieces you need, at the right place and right time.

Rather than struggle with figuring out what you need and then try to find it yourself, talk to VDN, where you get the products you need and the experts who understand them. With VDN, you can buy with confidence that you’re getting the right part at the right price.

No piece of equipment gets shipped out of our office before being fully tested and proven to be fully operational as if it were just out of the box. We sell a number of refurbished parts, many of which are no longer in production. They’re not brand new, but they’ll work like they are. No complicated installs or calibrations, our equipment comes to you ready to plug-and-play.

Finally, our warranty takes the concern out of buying refurbished. Our warranty covers you if there are any problems with our parts. We’ve been in business for a long time because we care about our customers and we know what we’re doing. Get the support of a company backed by two decades of customer satisfaction.

Our Products

We provide a large portfolio of new, unused and refurbished telephone products. Please call or email for pricing.

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