We know today’s technology can feel overwhelming and impossible to keep up with. Sometimes it seems like you’re completing an update just in time to start the next one.

We’ve been leaning over the cutting edge of constantly updating technology for over 20 years, so we know what it takes to keep up. And we do it so that you don’t have to.

We’re always looking out for new services and processes we think could help. We’ll advise you away from bells and whistles that are a waste of time and money. We’re all about finding and implementing proven solutions, so that our businesses both benefit.

Who are We?

We were founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota as an IT infrastructure services company in 1995 by Joe Hines. Since then, VDN has grown to be an industry leader in voice, networking, IT and cloud-based services.

We’ve grown alongside the businesses we’ve helped, and we’ve adapted to rapidly-changing technology over the past two decades, but we haven’t lost sight of who we are. Our company will always be about treating every single one of our clients as our top priority at all times.

Why VDN?

We’re not going to pretend we’re the only company out there who handles business IT. Of course we’re not the only ones.

Voice & Data Networks
Company Progression

  • 20+ years of technology experience
  • Financial stability with no corporate debt
  • Over 2000 Active Clients
  • SMB, Mid Market and Enterprise clients
  • Certified, trained staff offering Full Support
  • Tools and Software to monitor/manage client networks
  • Legacy Product Support-over $1 Million in inventory
  • Refurbished Products

But here’s why we’re the best

Personal support and service

You’re not an account number to us. Your business and your people are as important to us as our own, which is why we make sure you always have a personalized go-to contact with us who knows your technology forwards and backwards.

Powerful solutions

Just because we have a personal touch, that doesn’t mean we lack top-quality services. Our cloud solutions are top-of-the-line services that keep your business running smoothly and your costs at a minimum. We also are an Avaya Business Partner providing traditional on-premise solutions that work consistently and scale to be right for your business.

Always learning

Technology continues to change, faster and faster every day. We put our efforts into staying ahead of the curve. It’s our business to understand what changes are coming before they get here, so we can keep you ahead of the curve as well.

Full service

VDN takes care of our work from start to finish. Some companies might hire three different firms to handle planning, implementation and maintenance of their systems, and then hope they play nice together. Instead, you can hire one company to do all three, and have the comfort of knowing things will run smoothly.

A Common Goal

When your business succeeds, we succeed. When your business fails, we fail. We’re not just collecting a fee from you and sending you away, we’re working together for the long haul to achieve the same goal – the success of your company.

Your Partner

For all your technology infrastructure needs.

Your Partner