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Amazon Positioned to Use Data to Dominate Where It Wishes

by Charles Babcock Editor at Large, Cloud on July 20, 2017
If Amazon expands into food delivery, it will obtain a treasure of consumer information that it can use for its next expansion.
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Unity Rules As OCI Launches 1.0 Container Spec

by Charles Babcock Editor at Large, Cloud on July 19, 2017
After a two-year effort, the Open Container Initiative has its image specification and runtime spec ready for vendors and container users.
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Data Drift Happens: 7 Pesky Problems with People Data

by Matthew Magne, SAS on July 19, 2017
Making sense of data associated with customers, citizens and other individuals may seem simple, but it's possible that the records don't tell the real story.
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Dark Reading INsecurity Conference Registration Now Open

by Tim Wilson, Editor in Chief, Dark Reading on July 19, 2017
November event will focus on attendee interaction, "blue team" best practices.
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Consumers Welcome AI, Despite Lingering Privacy Concerns

by Jocelyn Aqua, Privacy and Cybersecurity Principal, PwC on July 19, 2017
Potential societal benefits of artificial intelligence outweigh concerns, although people want some transparency.
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My Life as an Avaya Systems Engineer—#ProudAvayan on our Hot Solutions

by Avaya Editor on July 19, 2017

Recently I spent three days in New York City, and they were easily the best three days of my career.

The post My Life as an Avaya Systems Engineer—#ProudAvayan on our Hot Solutions appeared first on Avaya Connected Blog.

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AT&T: Virtualized Flexware service already leverages edge computing

by Brian Santo on July 18, 2017
AT&T announced today it is embracing edge computing. In so doing, it said it is “reinventing the cloud to boost the potential of self-driving cars, augmented and virtual reality, robotic manufacturing, and more.”
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Google Fiber loses top executive. Again

by Brian Santo on July 18, 2017
After only five months on the job, Gregory McCray is stepping down as chief executive of Access, the Alphabet operation that contains Google Fiber.
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Report: 5G backhaul spending to reach $2B by 2022, NG-PON2 to dominate

by Brian Santo on July 18, 2017
The communications industry is certain 5G networks are going to need more backhaul. The question is, how much? CIR says $2 billion a year’s worth within five years, with half the annual total spent in the United States. The optical networking segment will be the main beneficiary, according to a new report from CIR.
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CenturyLink, Level 3 inspiring a bit of caution among analysts

by Brian Santo on July 17, 2017
The proposed combination of CenturyLink and Level 3 is continuing to gain regulatory approvals while eliciting yawns from the market.
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