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Set your workforce free! - On Your Terms

Today, we live in such a fast paced world that technology has advanced drastically compared to even 5 years ago. Communications have become a “when I want, where I want, how I want” conversation. Your business can be conducted in the airport while waiting for a flight, or on an important conference call that seamlessly moves the conversation from your office phone to your smartphone.

Why do we care?

  • Rich media including videos, downloads and graphics are the norm, causing major Wi-Fi traffic overload.
  • Personal devices, like iPhones, Androids, and iPads, have become standard and are feeding the BYOD revolution.
  • BYOD is a visible issue all over the enterprise and will continue to be a major trend in the future.
  • You can't plan what devices are at the end of your Wi-Fi. As mobile devices evolve, so must your wireless network.

Industry insights

  • Tablet production will grow from slightly fewer than 120 million units to more than 370 million units in 2016. - Gartner
  • Smartphone production to increase from approximately 650 million units in 2012 to more than 1.3 billion units in 2016. - Gartner
  • This growth in the mobility market will largely be driven by business demand rather than consumers. - Gartner

VDN recognizes that mobility isn't a question of "if". It is a matter of "when". When it comes to deciding on "how", we believe it's most beneficial when you deliver mobility to your users on your terms.

Enable Mobility as a Practice

From Cabling to Mobile Device Policies, it is important to correctly implement the entire mobility stack, from the ground up - literally.

Accessing information, email, documents, company software and other resources anytime, from anywhere, increases efficiencies and encourages enhanced collaboration between employees. Our ability to stay connected means that employee travel time will no longer make productivity plummet.

Staying connected also means customers are able to communicate with businesses in real-time, enabling businesses to be more responsive to their customers. In other words, it improves a company's business agility. Your business’ ability to gain or maintain a competitive advantage is connected to your ability to produce the right performance, from the right people, at the right time. Mobility is a practical way to improve a company’s business agility.

Handle mobility the right way! A strong and secure enterprise wireless network is the best tool to support the load of multiple devices without sacrificing the speed necessary to work efficiently. Ensure your users stay connected no matter their locations.

Overview of the Benefits of Mobility as a Practice

  • Access to Mobile Devices and Wireless Service, powered by AT&T
  • Flexible Service Contracts - tailored to the way you do business
  • 24x7 remote network monitoring
  • A customized and thorough Mobile Device User Policy
  • A robust Mobile Device Management (MDM) strategy that fits best in your company
  • Known Cost per Head - makes moves, adds and changes easy and brings predictability to your IT budget
  • Vendor Management
  • Asset Management

VDN's vendor relationships allow us to select, repackage and customize enterprise networking solutions to deliver the entire mobility stack, designed with your unique business needs in mind. This customization and flexibility allows our customers to fit the technology to their business processes instead of redesigning their business processes to fit the technology. 

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Business Enterprise Mobility Stack

Business Mobility Stack

This stack encompasses all of the necessary layers for a robust mobility deployment.

The Physical Layer
Cabling, infrastructure and Wi-Fi are the foundation on which your devices and applications will run. This layer needs to be solid.

The Devices Layer
The mobile devices and service plans that will enable employees to access company data, no matter their location.

The Applications and Policy Layer
Apps that run on mobile devices, the management of device itself and the associated policies will ensure the company's data is secure.

These three layers build upon one another, making it impossible to have a successful and secure mobile strategy without all three of these pieces.

How will mobility affect the future of your voice and data networks?

Are consumer driven technologies busting down your enterprise doors?

Click the image above and take a look at our Mobility Infographic to help prepare your organization for the mobility onslaught.